Vacation in Egypt..
Picture of the Mediterranean aqua blue water at the Marsa Matrouch city in egypt   Picture of an American gril riding a camel in egypt   Picture of local Egyptian family enjoying Ester at an outdoor restaurant by the banks of the Nile
Picture of Egyptian gourment dishes prepared for dinner   Picture of a youn american woman after getting a hairstyle the Egyptian way   Picture of the Nile Hilton by the Nile in Cairo, Egypt
Picture of locals and tourists swiming in the Mediterranean at the Marsa Matrouch beaches in egypt   Picture of a young man with arms spread wide open experssing his enjoyment of the Egyptian beaches   Picture of tourist youn couple hugging in a balcony the dominates the pyramids
Picture of a youn boy enjoying the beaches in Egypt   Picture of an American young woman wearing head scarf the egyptian style   Picture of tourists enjoying swimming int he Mediterranean aqua blue water
Picture of tourist couple riding sand bick in Sham el Sheikh in Egypt   Picture of a magnificant scene of one of the egyptian prominent hotles and resort with large water pond in the front of the hotel   Exotic picture of a beautiful woman standing by a balcony enterance with open arms looking the magnificant egyptian sceneries
Picture of a camel going for walk on the beach in Egypt   Picture of the Nile and villags by the Pyramids   Pictuer of an Egyptian prominent belly dancers dancing for Jacqueline Kennedy and her husband the wealth Greek Onassis
Picture of a couple having a drink before dinner by the sea shores of egypt in a romatic setting   Picture of a group of tourists preparing to have dinner in an elegant egyptian restaurant   Picture of a couple enjoying the arabic Hooka
Picture of a rock during the all bink and purpel colored sky during sunset   Picture of a tourist holding two-feet long perch that he caught fisihing in Egypt   Picture of the LeCafe building in Sharm el Sheik Egypt
Picture of Sinai mountains at a golden sunset   Picture of a male tourist enjoying soming shisha/hooka in all arabic setting   Picture of the Carnac Hotel taken from a balcony showing the nile and its surrondings
Picture of the Hilton hotel outdoor courtyard in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt   Picture of an all Arab beatiful veild with only the beautifle big eys showing   Picture of the ground surronding the Gardens hotel taken from higher floors
Egyptian Shots!!

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